Mobile Crypto Wallet Benefits

Smartphones make our lives darn easier! Having a zoom class, doing online banking, ordering Uber, and tons of things beyond that are managed conveniently with a single small device.

Crypto is also there for you. But are mobile cryptocurrency wallets safe enough? Is it worth using? Let's dive right in with our short guide to three essential advantages of using a cryptocurrency wallet app on your phone.

Making Crypto Easier

According to statistics, over 90% of the worldwide population owns a mobile device, which makes it the easiest way to interact with the blockchain and manage cryptocurrencies for people from all over the world.

Like any other wallet, mobile apps grant users access to crypto holdings kept on blockchain and control them rather than literally storing crypto on the device. Yet, unlike desktop apps and web extensions, a blockchain wallet app on your mobile comes in way more convenient to perform transactions from anywhere you are.

Besides, users can access an already existing wallet from their mobile just by knowing the recovery seed phrase (And that's the major reason to hold on to your seed phrase as if to your dear life and never share or store it online).

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Enhanced Utility

A mobile crypto wallet is far more advanced than just portable crypto storage as it has multiple features to conveniently manage digital assets.

A single DeFi wallet living on a smartphone keeps multiple addresses within one wallet, enables easier wallet connection to DeFi platforms, and facilitates transactions via an integrated QR code scanner.

Multi-chain mobile wallets open operations on various blockchains and also have handy features such as in-app crypto purchase, instant assets exchange, staking programs, portfolio tracking, and extra decentralized finance features.

With Arctic Wallet, for instance, hodlers exchange crypto without going through KYC directly inside the mobile app. In Arctic, you can also purchase Bitcoin, Solana, Dogecoin, and other top coins and tokens with no practical need to deal with exchanges, this way exposing funds to security risks associated with centralized exchanges.

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Security Benefits

  • Ongoing centralized exchange failings are reminders to self-custody crypto holdings. Non-custodial mobile software helps store client-side encrypted keys locally on the device where developers have zero access to any of the data. Making sure your wallet provides private keys in an encrypted way is a major point to ensure the security of assets.
  • Furthermore, cell phone applications are protected by additional layers of security tools: pin codes, two-factor authentication (2FA), Face ID, and biometrics to prevent anyone from accessing your account if you happen to lose the credentials.
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  • More importantly, it is a lesser-known fact that applications on smartphones operate on an app-specific isolated memory basis, meaning any app cannot access other files. Hence, hosting the crypto wallet app on mobiles may be even safer than software running on a desktop, which generally lacks this feature.

* Even though, human error risks always pertain. Sticking to robust crypto cybersecurity tips should never be ignored in addition to selecting a credible wallet provider.


Cryptocurrencies were made to hand people complete control over their money. In that regard, a crypto wallet is your own bank, while a mobile wallet is the most effective tool to manage cryptocurrencies from a single device which is always at hand.

Cryptocurrency wallets installed on a mobile perfectly combine usability and security solutions. That's why we love it and offer Arctic Android App along with Linux, Windows, and macOS desktop apps for the best user experience.

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