Arctic Wallet Desktop App - Additional Features

Hey Arctic Wallet mobile users!

The Arctic Wallet team would like to bring you one important message!

While you're enjoying the convenience of managing your cryptocurrencies on the go, did you know that our desktop Arctic Wallet app offers several additional features waiting for you to discover?

Expanded Cryptocurrency Support: Unlock access to privacy-oriented cryptocurrencies like Monero (XMR) and Beldex (BDX) with the desktop version. Diversify your crypto portfolio effortlessly!

desktop arctic wallet monero and beldex support
Source: Arctic Wallet Desktop App

Effortless Address Management: Say goodbye to repetitive typing. The desktop version lets you save addresses in an address book for seamless transactions every time.

desktop arctic wallet adress book feature
Source: Arctic Wallet Desktop App

In-Depth Portfolio Insights: Get a bird's-eye view of your assets with a detailed portfolio, including a comprehensive table of all your holdings. Stay informed and make smarter investment decisions.

desktop arctic wallet in-depth portfolio
Source: Arctic Wallet Desktop App

Ready to experience these enhanced features? It's time to level up by downloading the desktop version of Arctic Wallet today!

But hang on, that doesn't mean the mobile version falls short. Quite the opposite!

Here are the features of the mobile Arctic Wallet available on the mobile version:

Stay Informed Anywhere: Keep your finger on the pulse of the crypto world with a dedicated news feed for each cryptocurrency. Stay updated, stay ahead!

Scan and Send with Ease: No more manual address entry. Use the QR code scanning feature to swiftly send your cryptocurrencies hassle-free.

mobile arctic wallet qr code scan
Source: Arctic Wallet Mobile App

Arctic Wallet is here to cater to your crypto needs on any platform you use.
Each version brings its own set of features to the table.

Don't miss out on the complete Arctic Wallet experience – explore both versions today!

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