Doge Killer (LEASH) and Shiba Inu Ecosystem

Doge Killer (LEASH) and Shiba Inu Ecosystem

Doge Killer, also known as LEASH is a cryptocurrency that belongs to the Shiba Inu ecosystem and aims to challenge the dominance of Dogecoin. This particular token has gained attention and media coverage due to its features, particularly its extremely limited supply. Unlike dog themed cryptocurrencies that have billions of tokens in circulation, LEASH has a scarcity factor with 107,646 tokens available. Its rarity has made it highly desirable among investors currently trading at $1,400 per token.

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Additionally LEASH stands out not for its scarcity but for its unique structure. Initially it was designed as a token that underwent changes, in supply based on predetermined conditions. However in September 2021 the creators made the decision to permanently limit its supply, which added to its appeal and increased its value. The LEASH tokens unique qualities and potential for profitability have attracted investors making it a popular choice in the world of cryptocurrency trading.

What Is Doge Killer?

The origins of Doge Killers mastermind remain shrouded in anonymity with the individual or group known as 'Ryoshi'. Similar to cryptocurrencies the identity of the Ryoshi group remains unknown adding an element of intrigue to the token. Nevertheless the team behind Shiba Inu ecosystem aims to establish a governance structure driven by community participation through Doggy DAO. This platform enables holders to voice their opinions and participate in decision making processes.

They created SHIB and LEASH tokens with three objectives:

  • Encouraging ecosystem

SHIB strives to foster adoption of decentralized finance and other blockchain technologies powered by cryptography.

  • Pursuing wealth distribution

To promote a balanced distribution of wealth, among token holders SHIBs creators burned half of the circulating tokens.

  • Contributing to society

The creators of SHIB have allocated 50% of the remaining tokens to funds that support causes like COVID Relief and various social welfare programs.

LEASH Token: Unique Features and Popularity

LEASH stands out from assets, in the market with its distinct structure. Despite having a supply the token has experienced value growth defying the conventional belief that lower supply leads to lower demand. The popularity of LEASH can be attributed to a crafted marketing strategy that has generated hype. Investors, both seasoned and new are drawn to its scarcity and potential profitability resulting in a surge in demand.

Apart from LEASH the Shiba Inu ecosystem includes tokens with purposes. For instance BONE serves as a governance token while SHIB aims to be Ethereums equivalent of Dogecoin. The team is also working on creating Shiberse, a metaverse where LEASH holders can own virtual land parcels.

Additionally they are developing ShibaSwap 2.0 an enhanced exchange (DEX) that offers improved user experience and lucrative rewards, for holders.

The SHIB team has generated excitement, in the community by promising 'rewards' for LEASH holders although they haven't provided specific details about these rewards. Despite this lack of information LEASH stays popular and its price continues to rise leaving people curious about what the rewards might entail.

How to Buy LEASH Using a Credit or Debit Card?

  • Buy LEASH via a Reputable Exchange

Various crypto exchanges such as Coinbase, Kraken, Binance, and OKX are offering to buy LEASH with a bank card.

It should be mentioned that the largest exchanges are often centralized and may restrict trading activities and lock your funds anytime. So exchanges definitely are not a go-to for your long-term holdings.

  • Buy UNI right from your Wallet

Many digital wallets today offer great functionality and have an in-built purchase option.

It allows you to avoid fees for transferring funds into your wallet from exchanges and any additional friction in the buy-store journey.

Also in many wallets you can find such features:

  • Buy and sell option
  • Asset statistics in Portfolio
  • Full transaction history tabs
  • Customizable commissions for sending coins

How to Store your UNI?

Essentially, you do not own your crypto until you hold it in your digital wallet. So always store it in a reliable hardware or software wallet. As opposed to exchange wallets, non-custodial ones (as Arctic Wallet) give you full ownership over your funds and private keys. Considering this, buying cryptocurrency right from the wallet may be a great option.


The SHIB ecosystem and its tokens have generated interest, within the crypto industry. These dog themed tokens, such as LEASH has garnered a lot of attention due to their qualities. The community is eagerly anticipating the potential for 'rewards' offered by these tokens. However there are still questions surrounding the specifics of these rewards, which has piqued the interest of speculators. With the surge in popularity of dog themed cryptocurrencies this year SHIBs ecosystem and the unique LEASH token have truly stood out from coins. It will be fascinating to see what lies ahead for these canine inspired tokens, in the world of crypto.

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