Arctic Wallet Updates, November 2022

Welcome to our monthly report, where we keep our community in line with how Arctic Wallet has progressed over the last month. Let’s recap what’s happened with the app and community in November.

In-App Upgrades

The number of assets and blockchains listed in the Arctic Wallet is growing weekly. The previous month, we integrated the following tokens and chains:

New Tokens

  • Floki ERC20 & BEP20
  • Aptos (APT)
  • Fantom (FTM) ERC20, SOL, BEP2 & BEP20
  • Baby Doge Coin BEP20
  • Curate (XCUR) ERC20 & BEP20
  • New Blockchains
  • FTM Mainnet

Tokens for Purchase

You can now buy Tezos (XTZ) and NEAR Protocol (NEAR) tokens with Visa and Mastercard directly in the Arctic Wallet app on top of other 80+ cryptocurrencies.

Community Highlights

  • We held a fantastic AMA with @Unstoppableweb on Twitter;
  • And hosted our first episode of the Arctic Team Podcast with BD Manager Jackie & Product Manager Burak. We discussed why Arctic wallet is perfect for beginner crypto users, how Arctic protects your funds, and what’s Arctic Wallet team’s key driver & mission.
  • Hope you didn’t miss out our Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and grabbed your -50% exchange fee for all conversion operations. And congrats to Black Friday Giveaway winners!
  • No worries if you missed it: check out our Twitter for daily Crypto Advent Calendar events to win Xmas gifts.

Next Actions

  •  Our Android and iOS Arctic Wallet app is launching soon! Check out a sneak peek.

Stay tuned to our Twitter and be the first to know when the mobile application rolls out. Watch this space for more status reports and crypto content!

Arctic Wallet is a free DeFi wallet with all essential functions: store, buy, and sell 200+ cryptocurrencies; use a handy address book feature; explore price charts & crypto market data; take advantage of comprehensive portfolio analytics.

The Arctic team is in tune with its community. Share your feedback and suggestions in our Telegram group.

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